bessieEquine Dental Care is dedicated to promoting the health and welfare of horses by maintaining the horse’s mouth through manual teeth floating, removal of deciduous caps, wolf teeth and expired teeth, reducing and buffing canines, and careful examination for other dental problems.

In addition, we balance the incisor and molar arcades for function and comfort. This enhances lateral excursion (jaw movement), and alleviates excessive force off the TMJ promoting ease and efficiency of food mastication. Proper balancing also results in a comfortable and balanced carriage of the head and neck, which positively affects the remainder of his body and enhances his way of going.

We work closely with several veterinarians in the Tidewater area on a daily basis and believe in a team approach to provide quality, thorough and safe dental care for your horse. We even work at equine facilities (both veterinary and stables) that are happy to have you haul in your horse for dental services.

A proper dental maintenance program enables your horse to utilize his feed more efficiently. His life is healthier and you receive the added benefit of a lower feed bill. Small dental problems left unattended can evolve into large problems over time, such as nutritional loss, performance problems, poor condition, pain and unhappy attitude. Annual dental exams with a full-mouth dental speculum and floating will help to avoid major dental problems. Your EDT will work with you to help keep your horse happy, healthy and performing well.

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